Home & Office Organizing

Create the space you're longing for and enjoy the peace that comes with having a tidy home or office. I organize and create systems according to your lifestyle and needs to help you maintain organization, even after our project is done.

Life gets busy, I can help.

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Electronic files organizing

Categorize and systematize e-files for easier access. I sort, re-name, and categorize files so you can efficiently locate any document on your computer. When desired, I save files on online platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive to facilitate your work.

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Estate Organizing

Sort through the possessions of a loved one with the help of a personal organizer. My goal is to facilitate this process for you. I work by your side to help you choose what to keep, give to friends or family, or release. I organize and pack items that will be passed down or transferred. This service can include paper organization and proper filing.

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It's time to maximize your space. It's time to Organize Right.