• Elizabeth A.

How To Make Space In Your Luggage

Are you traveling and need to pack all the things? Running out of space in your luggage is a real struggle, especially when trying to fit clothes for multiple days and for multiple people! Today I'm teaching you how to fit more in your luggage, and how to do it in an organized fashion ;) This has been a huge lifesaver for me, and I know you'll find it just as helpful.

First thing's first, you gotta get yourself some packing cubes. I purchased mine from Amazon after doing some research to find a durable product for a great price, you can check them out here. Packing cubes allow you to maximize space in your luggage because you can compress what's inside and, depending on the size of your luggage bag, you can also stack them. Believe me, if you fold things correctly, you will be surprised how much you can squeeze into one of these packing cubes! Below I share a few how-to videos to help you with the folding process.

Once you get your packing cubes, you will want to fold clothes according to the size of each cube so that the article fits when you place it upright rather than flat. Just to give you an idea, I use the smaller cubes for socks, underwear, and swimsuits. I use the medium cubes for T-shirts, shorts, and pajamas. The larger cubes usually are best for dresses, jackets, and bulkier items. By the way, these are also perfect if your kids are sharing a luggage bag because you can separate each kid's clothes into their own cube!

To fold a T-shirt, place the shirt flat and fold each side towards the middle. Again, be sure you're folding to match the size of the cube you're using. Then, fold the hem up to the collar. Lastly, fold the bottom up into thirds or halves depending on the size you're needing to achieve. Remember to flatten as you go... it will make a big difference.

For shorts, fold first in half and then tuck the crotch point as you fold in half again. If you're folding longer shorts, you may choose to fold in thirds for the last step. Lastly, store the shorts upright in your packing cube.

For jeans, follow the same process as shorts: fold in half first, tuck the crotch point, and fold into thirds or fourths depending on length. Store your jeans upright in your packing cube, and ta-da!

You will compress all things later after zipping up your pouch so don't worry if items are slightly taller than the depth of your packing cube. Also, depending on how you're using the cubes, you may choose to label each one (ex. day of the week, child's name, types of clothes).

And if you can't get your hands on some packing cubes before your trip, just follow the same folding procedures. Folding things correctly and filing them in your luggage bag will always make a difference in space. Not to mention, thing's will be easier to find ;)

Bon Voyage , my friends!

- Elizabeth

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