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3 Steps to Radically Organize Your Closet

3 steps to radically organize your closet

Closets can be intimidating to tackle. You may have an accumulation of clothes, some you don't ever wear, and feel ready to declutter and organize your closet. So, how do you begin organizing this space? Follow these 3 steps guaranteed to make this process more efficient and, basically, less scary. Be prepared for the radical changes and the work that goes into it ;)

#1. Start with a clean slate.

How to organize your closet step #1

First thing's first. In order to efficiently organize this "room" you need to empty it. I know what you're thinking- that's impossible! Believe me, this is extremely helpful when sorting through clothes and organizing them. Now, before you start throwing piles of clothes on the bed, keep reading.

You want to be sure to take clothing out by categories: dresses, jeans, skirts, long sleeve, short sleeve, etc. It is best to start with the category you have the least articles of. If you're starting with skirts for example, take all the skirts out of your closet and pile them where you'll have space, your bed may be a good spot. Decide which you will keep and which can find a new home (grab trash bags to throw all the donation items in). Move the "To Keep" items to a different location- the room next door or a couch.

Keep with this system until you've finished editing all the clothing categories. Remember to take breaks!

#2. Store clothes in clear containers.

How to organize your closet step #2

Due to weight fluctuation or change of seasons, sometimes we want to be able to store clothing we don't need at the time. When storing items in containers, it is best to place them in clear boxes. This makes it possible to see what's inside.

"File" these items inside the box so you can quickly access them without having to dig through layers of clothes. Don't forget to use a lid to keep the bugs and dust away!

#3. Categorize!

How to organize your closet step #3

This one might be pretty obvious. In order for your clothes to be organized and make it easier to keep them that way, establish a system of categories. So, grab your "To Keep" piles because they're ready to come back in! Place all the sleeveless shirts together, next put the short sleeve shirts, next the quarter sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, jackets, coats, jeans, and so on. With known category spots, you will know exactly where something goes the next time you're adding it to your closet.

If you want to get extra organized, order the items within each category by color.

Most importantly, make this space functional for you.

Here are a couple B&A photos of a recent project to inspire you!

Closet before and after

Closet before and after

Depending on the amount of clothes you have, this project can be very time consuming. I recommend patience, motivation, and lots of breaks. But hey, once you've finished, your reward will be a beautiful and organized space!

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